As of April 19, 2017, When the ND Fire Danger Rating Map is “High, Very High, Extreme and/or a Red Flag Warning has been Issued for Mercer County, a Burn Ban will be in Effect!

As of April 19th, Mercer County, which includes all Cities within the County, will be under a Stage I Burn Ban ONLY WHEN the ND Fire Danger Ratings Map shows high, very high, extreme and/or a Red Flag warning has been issued for Mercer County. You can see the ND Fire Danger Ratings Map if you go to the following website & scroll down to the middle:

A Stage I Burn Ban means:

No controlled burns, no large pit fires and no burning garbage of any kind.

No throwing cigarette butts or anything out in a grassy area or any area that may start to burn.

No Special burning permission will be given for any reason.


You can have a Campfire in a developed recreational site or improved site, while always keeping an eye on it.

You can use grills and units that have an on/off switch in an area that you can safely operate without starting a fire.

Remember even though you are allowed some options to burn this doesn’t absolve an individual or organization from liability or responsibility for any fire started by the allowed activity.

 And Remember…


When the Burn Ban is lifted, we are asking that all controlled burns be reported to the Sheriff’s office, 745-3333, when the fire starts and then another call when the fire has been extinguished. Thank You!


Freight Train Derailment on Tracks South of County Shop in Beulah on March 23, 2017 at Approximately 7:30 AM (CT) with No Danger to the Public!

Emergency Responders are at a freight train derailment of 9 cars on the railroad tracks south of the County Shop in Beulah.  Residents in the area may notice a slight odor, but there is no danger to the public from this incident. Due to emergency vehicles, there may be some traffic delays.   A reverse 911 has also been issued to notify surrounding residents. The Sheriff’s Office is asking all residents to avoid traveling in this area until it as been cleared.  Thank You!

Blizzard Conditions Expected Across North Central And Portions Of Northwest North Dakota Monday, March 6, 2017

At 5:00am(CT) this morning, NOAA’s National Weather Service Bismarck North Dakota indicated the following key weather points:

  • Snow will develop across western North Dakota this morning, spreading into central North Dakota through the afternoon. A brief period of a wintry mix is possible as precipitation begins. Snow will diminish from west to east this evening through tonight.
  • Northwest winds will also increase through the day with gusts of 50 to 65 mph forecast (strongest across southwest North Dakota).
  • The combination of strong winds and heavy snow will create blizzard conditions across much of north central and portions of northwest North Dakota this afternoon through tonight.
  • While strong winds are expected across the remainder of western and central North Dakota, lesser snowfall amounts and duration will limit the period of the worst conditions.
  • Very hazardous weather conditions to newborn livestock are expected.

If traveling, make sure you have a winter weather kit in your car, keep up-to-date with the weather at: and stay safe!





The National Weather Flood Outlook Through May, 2017 Looks Mild and Promising for Western North Dakota!

The National Weather service is forecasting the temperatures in Western North Dakota to stay mild, close to normal through end of May, with precipitation to be slightly above normal. They are predicting only minor flooding possible on the Knife River. On Friday, February 10th, Lake Ilo Manager began releasing water at a very slow rate to help get rid of our snow covered ice that is on Spring Creek. On Wednesday morning it was found that Spring Creek and the Knife River are at very low levels with water running under the snow covered ice. There was no indication that any significant runoff water was entering the creek or river, so that tells us that it is soaking into the ground. Water from Lake Ilo will continue to released and the river & creek will be monitored over the weekend. Right now our snow water contents range from 2-8 inches across Mercer County, the warm weather we are having will lower this significantly over the weekend. You can find this snow water content information at:


Very Strong Winds Across Western And Central North Dakota Monday Morning Through Monday Evening, January 30th, 2017

According to the National Weather Service in Bismarck, very strong northwest winds are forecast across all of western and central North Dakota Monday morning through Monday evening (January 30, 2017).  Wind gusts as high as 65 mph are possible. Given recent warm temperatures, forecast highs in the 30s on Monday, and a crusted snowpack, blowing snow is not a concern for much of the area. The one exception is the Turtle Mountains where light snow on Monday may result in reduced visibility.

Stay Safe and keep up-to-date on the weather at


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