As Per the National Weather Service in Bismarck, ND:

There will be Two Rounds of Snow Expected for our Area:

1st Round: Snow will begin today, October 9th, around 6:00PM and End Early Thursday morning, October 10th, around 1:00AM

Expect: Between 8 – 12 inches of snow for Mercer County area and 12 – 18 inches for Oliver County Area. Wind gust will be 35 mph.

2nd Round: Begins Friday Morning, October 11th, and ends Saturday Night, October 12th.

                Expect: 12” or more of Snow for both Mercer & Oliver Counties.

                                Wind gusts will be 40-45 mph, blizzard conditions possible.

Impacts Include: Difficult Travel, Tree Damage, Possible Power Outages, and Agricultural.

Expect this snow to melt, slowly and temperatures to be in the 30’s-40’s daytime & 20’s-30’s nighttime for next 6-10 days.

Stay Safe & keep up-to-date with the weather at: